Currently all services are offered by Appointment Only. Please call Ray at 1+ (321) 591-6928 to schedule your visit/consultation.

Repair Description

Repair Cost +/-

RE-GRIP * $2.00
RE-SHAFT ** $20.00
RE-SHAFT – ** With bore thru heads and/or heads with special adapters $25.00
Remove and Save Grip $2.00
Shorten Club * $5.00
Extend Steel Shafted Club * $8.00
Extend Graphite Shafted Club * $10.00
Change Loft and/or Lie (Per Club) $3.00
Check and Record Loft and/or Lie (Per Club) $1.00
Re-Groove Irons/Wedges ( V or U grooves ) $5.00
Change Swing Weight ( external weight ) $5.00
Change Swing Weight ( internal weight ) $25.00
Club Check-Up (check and record length, loft, lie, swing weight—per club) $1.00
Re-Glue Head $10.00
RE-Glue Head – bore thru heads and/or heads with special adapters $15.00
Extract broken Shaft in Hosel $15.00
Fix Rattle in Head $15.00
Fix Rattle in Shaft $5.00
Clean/Polish Irons *** $5.00

+ – Prices are per club

* – Price of Grips additional cost

** – Price of Grips and Shafts additional cost

*** – Deep scratches/dings and nicks can not be removed

  • Club Repairs typically take a 48 hours turn around
  • Some repairs may cost more than prices listed and will be quoted at time of request
  • We cannot save all grips with shaft work. Replacement grips are additional and priced separately
  • Not all repairs are possible due to method of club construction or condition of club

NOTE – If you’re interested in a product or service you don’t see here or have any questions about a procedure/service, please ask when you call.