The 12 Myths (that could wreck your game!)

“12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game” is a 32-page booklet of key excerpts from Tom Wishon’s award winning and best selling book, “The Search for the Perfect Golf Club”. Intended as a teaser for the full Search book or as a means for busy golfers with a short attention span to glean the key information from the Search book, the 12 Myths booklet is a quick resource for learning the most important facts about golf clubs today.

1. Modern Golf Clubs Hit the Ball Farther
2. The Lower the Loft on Your Driver, The Farther the Ball will Go
3. You Can’t Go Wrong if you Stick with Well Known Brand Name Clubs
4. Your New Driver has a Larger Sweet Spot
5. When I Buy a Club with an S-Flex Shaft I Know I am Getting a Stiff Flex
6. The Faster You Swing, The Stiffer Your Shaft Should Be
7. The Longer the Length of the Driver, The Farther You’ll Hit the Ball
8. My Clubs are Just Like the Ones the Pros Use
9. Women’s Clubs are Designed for Women Golfers
10. I am not a Good Enough Golfer for Custom Fit Clubs to Matter
11. I’ll Just Cut Down Some Clubs for my Kid; That’s Good Enough
12. I was Custom Fit at the Big Golf Store (or Pro Shop or Online)

For your enjoyment (and perhaps education) please take a look at the PDF book (link below) which covers Twelve Myths that could wreck your golf game!

Twelve Myths PDF – Written by Tom Wishon, provided by